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Corona - # 1 in the Nation!

In 2023, Prep Baseball launched its national high school power rankings for the first time ever, creating a National Top-25 and subsequent regional rankings, updated through last spring campaign. In 2024, Prep Baseball will replace the regional rankings with an expanded National Top-50 in their place.

Throughout this spring season, we will be redirecting our local knowledge and baseball acumen to rank the top high school teams in the country, especially as these programs begin to schedule out-of-state competition more and more each year.

Our initial rankings are weighted on previous performances, prospects, and projections, though the ensuing updates will be inherently tied to the production on the field. Simply put: wins and championships matter. A human element to the list will still provide important information on the intricacies that the season bestows. Whether it is a narrow loss in a rivalry game or a five-game...

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